Take two of your average shipping containers, put an Atlas TRACS (Temporary Roof and Container System) over them and within a day, you’ll have a 1,600 square foot working facility you can use for pretty much anything. You can even live in it (Our company founder did just that for four years!)

Robert Lessor moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to southern California where he started Quality Craft Autobody Inc. His new firm provided superior quality service in competitive Huntington Beach, California for more than 20 years for companies including Andial Road and Racing, Porsche Motorsports, Jackson Racing, and Brembo of North America.

After selling Quality Craft in 2005, Robert became immersed in learning internet commerce. He also devoted part of his time rebuilding a 1948 brick farmhouse in rural southern California which led to the development of a new way to merge automotive with structural technology.

This resulted in a reusable, green, affordable and attractive building method called Atlas TRACS. Robert designed TRACS as a 1,600 square foot container roof kit to increase storage and provide temporary shelter where it’s needed. Patent pending.