Build almost instant shelter for just $7,900. Constructed of galvanized steel, with a sturdy PVC cover, the TRACS product is designed for fast storage, set-up and portability to rent out or transport to a variety of events where sturdy but easy-to-assemble storage is needed. You can see by the pictures that it creates more usable space over your intermodal shipping containers, quadrupling the square footage.

No foundation is necessary and the roof system is securely bolted onto the containers. It is the least expensive building available and the uses for it are almost endless… at race tracks, job sites, rodeos, farms and to build stores, hunting cabins, remote concerts, farm shelters, etc. Advertising can even be placed on it.

TRACS is not considered a permanent structure. It works best as a temporary facility, easily stores inside a container and is virtually maintenance free. Order onsite and / or contact us for more information.

Take two of your average shipping containers, put an Atlas TRACS (Temporary Roof and Container System) over them and within a day, you’ll have a 1,600 square foot working facility you can use for pretty much anything. You can even live in it (Our company founder did just that for four years!)

Here are just a few of the uses for this structure:

  • Events of all kinds from auto races to county fairs
  • Disaster relief
  • Temporary stores
  • Construction sites
  • Temporary office or mechanic areas
  • Military applications
  • And much more, in fact…

The uses for Atlas TRACS are limited only by your imagination!

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